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News About In Smog and Thunder

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June 1, 2005
The website for our next film Dante's Inferno is now up and running: www.dantefilm.com. Shooting got pushed back a bit, but we begin production on June 27th.

June 1, 2005
As KCSM-TV in the Bay Area continues to broadcast Smog periodically over the next year, KPBS-TV in San Diego is getting on board and will be broadcasting the movie soon.

February 18, 2005
On April Fool's Day, In Smog and Thunder is having it's broadcast premiere on KCSM-TV in the Bay Area. More details to follow.

December 5, 2004
The trio that brought you "In Smog and Thunder" didn't get to spend enough time together in a small dank room. So we decided to make another movie: a feature film version of Dante's Inferno done in the toy theater style of puppetry. That's right, puppets. Paul Zaloom will be the puppeteer using his decades of experience doing his own subversive puppet shows for adults. The script is based upon Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders' translation of Dante's Inferno and Birk's drawings for the book. The screenwriters are Zaloom, Birk, and Sean Meredith. Birk and Elyse Pignolet are designing the sets. Zaloom and Meredith are producing. Meredith is directing and editing. Toy theater is a 19th century British style of puppetry based on flat paper puppets (wow! sounds like a hit!). Filming will begin in March 2005. It will be shot in High Definition video (using Panasonic's DVCPro-HD format).

February 7, 2004
Two radio features were aired about In Smog and Thunder this past week. On Thursday, Birk and Meredith appeared on KPCC in Pasadena for their Talk of the City show. You can listen at their audio archive: kpcc.org. Then on Friday they appeared on KQED in San Francisco for the syndicated show The California Report. Listen! at kqed.org.

February 4, 2004
The film will be screening at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival on February 7th at 2:15pm and February 15th at 9pm at the Women's Building. Check out the website for more details: sfindiefest.com.

December 29th, 2003
In Smog and Thunder will be screening at two more festivals. The first being the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January, 2004. Visit filmfestivalrotterdam.com for specifics. Then in February at the 2004 San Francisco Independent Film Festival. Visit sfindie.com for more information.

December 18th, 2003
The DVD has made it through production. It looks great. It will be available very soon for purchase at this website and nationwide. Resellers may order copies from the distributor: eclecticdvd.com. Anyone might want to review the DVD on Amazon or Barnes and Noble are strongly encouraged.

December 15, 2003
We are delighted to here that the weekly radio show Studio 360 will be airing a feature on Sandow and the movie. It should be on the show that airs on the weekend after Christmas. Check the Studio 360 website for a local schedules: www.wnyc.org/studio360/listings.html.

November 6, 2003
DVD to be released nationwide on January 6th.

October 6, 2003
The Vermont International Film Festival will be screening In Smog and Thunder on Saturday, October 18th at 7:15pm. The festival runs from October 16th to 20th in Burlington, Vermont. Their website is http://www.vtiff.org.

October 1, 2003
MicroCineFest will be screening In Smog and Thunder on Saturday, October 18th at 4pm. It's a great underground film festival in Baltimore, Maryland from October 15th - 19th. Check out their site: http://www.microcinefest.org.

September 3, 2003
We're excited to announce that the 2003 Mill Valley Film Festival will be screening IN SMOG AND THUNDER on Sunday, October 5th at 4pm. The festival is in its 26th year. Mill Valley is 15 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. For more information visit, http://www.millvalleyfilmfestival.com.

July 21, 2003
Pop Twist Entertainment announced today that DVD worldwide distribution rights for In Smog and Thunder have been picked up by MVD. It should be available in the US by September. Official release date to be announced soon.

May 27, 2003
The American Cinemateque will be screening 'In Smog and Thunder' at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday, June 12th as part of their Alternative Screen series. It's a double will 'The Cucumber Incident'. 'In Smog and Thunder' screens first and starts at 7:30 pm. This is a great place to see movies. If you or your friends have been wanting to see the film, this is the place. www.egyptiantheatre.com

May 27, 2003
The 2003 Santa Cruz Film Festival will be screening 'In Smog and Thunder' this Friday night. If you have friends in the Santa Cruz area, pass the info along. It's a double bill with the film Culture Jamming at the Del Mar Theater, Friday, May 30th at 7:00 pm. www.santacruzfilmfestival.com

April 7, 2003
Chad Greene at the Los Angeles Daily News gives In Smog and Thunder 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. Review published April 7. Daily News Review

March 28, 2003
Andrew Asch's article entitled The unconventional route of Sandow Birk's unconventional In Smog and Thunder lands the cover of this week's OC Weekly. Read the full article here: OCWeekly.com

March 6, 2003
We have been accepted into the Newport Beach Film Festival in Newport Beach, California. The festival runs from April 3 - April 11, 2003 and IN SMOG AND THUNDER will screen on Wednesday, April 9, 2pm at the Orange County Museum of Art.

February 17, 2003
IN SMOG AND THUNDER will be screening in competition at the Ashland Film Festival in Ashland, Oregon. The festival is from April 3rd - 7th. Our film has been nominated for the Award for Best Feature. For more information: www.ashlandfilm.com.

February 3, 2003
The Sedona International Film Festival in serene Sedona, Arizona has invited IN SMOG AND THUNDER to screen at the 2003 festival. The festival is from February 28th - March 2nd. IN SMOG AND THUNDER will screen on March 1st at 1:45pm. Go to www.sedonafilmfestival.com for more info.

January 28, 2003
We all went to Slamdance and had a blast. We had two great screenings packed with people. At the first screening we thought it'd be quiet (10:30am!), but you couldn't even walk in the aisles with all the people sitting on the floor! Sandow, Paul, and Sean appeared on Park City Television. And Sean was interviewed on a Salt Lake City morning radio show.

December 10, 2002
IN SMOG AND THUNDER will being showing in Park City, Utah in January! "The Slamdance 2003 Film Festival has invited 16 feature films, from a record 2800 submissions, to compete at our ninth annual festival," Gianna Chachere, Slamdance Director, announced today. The line-up was announced last night in L.A. at the Downtown Standard. We're thrilled to be part of this festival! They've done great programming in the past and have become one of the country's top film festivals.
Screening dates are Monday, January 20 at 10am and Wednesday, January 22 at 3:30pm.
Check out Slamdance's site for more information: 2003 Slamdance Festival

December 3, 2002
Sean and Sandow will be interviewed this Wednesday night (December 4) on KCET's Life and Times program. They'll also air clips from the film. KCET-TV is channel 28 in Los Angeles and is the leading public television station for Southern California. Life and Times airs at 7:00pm. So tune in!

November 29, 2002
On November 16th, the jury of 2002 Festival of Festivals in Palm Springs, California gave the award for Best Digital Film to IN SMOG AND THUNDER. We're very excited about this award. Hopefully more will come. More festival news to be announced in December.

November 12, 2002
The San Jose Mercury News ran a feature this in today's edition about the movie: Read the full article.

"In Smog and Thunder, the Great War of the Californias, Birk's newly released mockumentary of the conflagration, lacks nothing as a dead-on sendup of historical documentary a la Ken Burns: the mournful lone trumpet, the portentous narrator, the puffed up pronouncements, the elegiac letters home.
--Jack Fischer, Visual Arts Writer, San Jose Mercury News

October 26, 2002
A really good piece about In Smog and Thunder aired today on ABCs Radio network's weekly show called Perspective. It may still air on some affiliates (I'm not sure).

October 21, 2002
In Smog and Thunder will premiere at The Festival of Festivals in Coachella Valley (Palm Springs), California
• Monday, November 4, 2002 at 1:00 p.m. at the Mary Pickford Theatre.
• Wednesday, November 6, 2002 at 8:00 p.m. at the Mary Pickford Theatre.
Visit the festival's web site at festivaloffestivals.com.

October 4, 2002
On October 2nd, National Public Radio aired a feature about the movie. The report was by their West Coast correspondent Ina Jaffe and aired on NPR's afternoon program All Things Considered.
You can listen to the archived audio using a Real Audio player at: http://search.npr.org/cf/cmn/segment_display.cfm?segID=150991

August 30, 2002
In Smog and Thunder has just been accepted to the Festival of Festivals in Palm Springs. It's a three week festival from November 1st through the 17th. The festival should post this year's schedule by early October.

August 29, 2002
There is an article in the Los Angeles Times that begins on the front page of the California section about Sandow's artwork and the film.

A Nightmare Vision for a Valley City
by James Ricci, Times Staff Writer
August 29 2002
Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn has invoked some awful visions of what awaits the people of the San Fernando Valley if they secede from L.A., but not even Hahn has raised so cataclysmic a specter as Sandow Birk.
The complete article can be viewed at: http://www.latimes.com/la-me-sketch29aug29.story